"Harry came home on a complete 'high' yesterday! He thoroughly enjoyed the whole week of cricket and is a little miffed as to why you're not running a few sessions today and Christmas day! (He would be there!) Also, his private lessons were hugely successful; Adrian has just had a hit with him in the garden and can't believe, in that short period, how much Mike has improved Harry's technique. I will definitely try and organize more regular lessons for him in 2017."

“My son, Rehan, was very fortunate to train at MMC Waverley hub under Dave and his team. Dave and his team coach brilliantly, teaching the basic and more advanced skills with much enthusiasm and fun. David’s preparation and planning was in depth and covered all aspects of the game. There were also short match scenarios that helped with match experience and temperament. Rehan has surely had a great start to the season in the U13's with the ball and is a looking a lot better as a batsman with plenty of confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave, your game is in the best possible hands." - Sumith Gamage - Old Coulsdon, Surry